Specialists in Technology Finance
Velocity's roots are in technology finance. Our target customer base spans industries and includes companies that generate annual revenue of between $20 million and $1 billion. They come to us because of our vendor independence, flexible financing structures, deep knowledge of technology lifecycles and rapid turnaround. Customers stay with us because of our dedication to providing high quality service and proven ability to solve problems.

We offer lease programs that fit every customer's requirements, ranging from one-off leases to lease lines and customized structures. Our goal is to provide creative solutions for every situation and to help our customers realize their budgetary and equipment objectives.

Diverse Equipment Types
We specialize in financing technology and medical equipment, including core infrastructure servers, telecommunications equipment, desktop computers and peripherals, networking equipment, storage gear and point-of-sale systems. In addition, we finance diagnostics and surgical equipment, manufacturing assets, distribution/warehouse equipment and software. If your equipment is not on the list, try us. We'll likely be able to accommodate you.

Vendor Neutral
As an independent lessor, we are 'vendor and technology neutral.' We strive to provide the best equipment at the best price for your needs regardless of manufacturer. It's our goal to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to make sound decisions regarding technology assets and then provide a creative financial solution around those assets. We have both new and used equipment alternatives and specialize in the ability to upgrade and modify assets during the lease as your technological needs invariably grow or change.
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Debt Solutions for Entrepreneurs
Velocity's Ventures Group serves companies that have received venture capital financing from top-tier investors. We pride ourselves in being able to provide flexible financing structures for entrepreneurs. Each facility is customized based on a company's intended use for the capital and its stage of growth. As trained investors, we understand risk and are prepared to take it. We chose to make our investments in the form of a loan or a lease that is complementary to more traditional sources of capital from banks or equity sponsors, yet is cost effective and value-add for our portfolio companies and their stakeholders. We work with start-ups that have received their first round of financing all the way up to pre-IPO companies. Sample types of financings that we provide include:

Senior secured term loans
Subordinated term loans
Acquisition finance
Bridge loans
Equipment loans
Equipment leases
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Entrepreneurial Services
Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we at Velocity understand the importance of working with partners that ACTUALLY provide value-add rather than just paying lip service to it. As a result, we have developed a suite of tangible value-added resources that we offer our portfolio companies. These resources include business development capabilities, real estate leasing services, HR and insurance counseling, advice on ways to save money on your infrastructure spending, and more. These services are available through our client portal or by contacting your relationship manager.

Equipment Acquisition Consulting
Where do I source equipment? What type of equipment do I purchase? How much should I pay? Could used gear cover my needs while saving me money? These are questions that take time to research and sort through for any IT manager or finance executive. We at Velocity have spent our careers with our fingers on the pulse of technology change. Let us come to your assistance in evaluating options, obtaining optimal pricing and assessing when used equipment is appropriate. We offer this service at no cost, simply as part of the value-add that we bring to our customers.
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